Natural-born Psychic Medium. Tammy Holmes Speaks directly to the Other side. All Clearings and Psychic Healings, Author, Spiritual Life Coach, and Guest Speaker. Worked with local police in missing persons cases, featured on TV, Radio interviews and People magazine. Often called the “Psychic’s psychic.”

Tammy has been called to assist in circumstances where no answers could be found by traditional means.
Easy to Schedule! Often done within 24 hours, or even the same day!

By Telephone, Zoom, Skype or in-person. Readings Includes a Free Recording of your session.



Tammy is a Natural-born and Very Gifted Psychic Medium. Tammy begins all her Psychic Readings with a Prayer and Blessing. Tammy will immediately tell you what she gets. Most of your questions will be answered before you ask any questions. You may be given messages from your loved ones that have crossed over to the other side. She will often give you detailed descriptions of people and places. Many times this may include names and dates. If you have questions, she will give quick immediate answers. She is a quick receiver of information.

With her guidance, clients have learned to connect to their world within and outside expanding themselves to love more fully and create lives of abundance in spirit and in hope. Always seeking to contribute to those in need, she has been called on to assist also in circumstances
where no answers could be found by traditional means. By example Tammy was pivotal in helping police locate the body of a Phoenix-area business woman and mother that was buried in the desert. This garnered national attention and was featured in People Magazine.

Ever since I was a little girl, I always had this pull in my being, to feel the connection to God. I remember how I just knew that I came from a place beyond our world and longed for that. What kept me hoping for that connection was when I would wake up every morning as a child, I could see two angels sitting at the end of my bed. They would talk to me and I felt like I had known them for eons. I also saw a gold castle in the sky out of my bedroom window and knew that was my home. Through the years, I have learned so much from my clients and the fact you can heal, release all pain and stories that no longer serve you.

Tammy is Spiritual Author and Life Coach. Tammy has trained and coached many people in their own Psychic Development. Through Meditations and Sessions, learn to work with your Higher Self, Angels and the Council of 12. Speak to people who have passed on. Learn Psychic Mediumship and House Clearings. Helping Spirits to cross over. Learn Forgiveness work and answers to your questions

Tammy guides many people through Life Coaching in all areas of their lives, such as Relationship issues: family, partner, children, and work.
Are you feeling stuck and not motivated to move forward. Depression, Grieving a Loss of a Relationship, Loss of Family Member who has Died or not in your life anymore. Needing Soul Retrieval work and Clearing of Attachments? Wanting to be more Spiritual and Co-Creating your life?


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