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Angel Messages: I Believe In Angels
by Psychic Medium & Healer Janice

I am a Psychic, Medium and Healer. I read Angel Cards and have always been attracted to Angels, they show us the way. We have Guardian Angels all around and these Angels may often be someone we have known who has passed on. If you pay attention, these Angels will give you information or help you along the way in dreams or meditative states. Angels can also communicate to you through nature encounters.  You may see a butterfly that grabs your attention or a bird you can't stop looking at. Study the symbolic meaning of the animal, or open your heart and mind to what you are feeling as you observe them, and the Angel Message will come through.

I find great delight in communicating with my clients and their Guardian Angels. We can gain such wonderful insights from our Angels. Angels transcend time and space to help bring us light, messages and love.

For the loved ones who have passed on, I pray to Archangel Michael for a peaceful transition to aide love ones that have passed. Michael also helps us when we are in grief and wonder how we can go on. He helps us remember the best times with our loved ones and the strength that we have to continue on this physical plane.

If you listen to them, Angels will help us live to the highest of our knowing.  At this time in life when we need to all come together and be of one mind, communication with the Angels is Heaven on Earth.

According to the Bible, Angels are actually commanded by God to “encamp all around us and keep us from falling, getting hurt, who have been with us and will be with us from this forth and forever to be with us. Even strengthen us, and minister to us. Angels are messengers of ours to God and sometimes from God to us.”

In conclusion, I gave a psychic reading for a man who wanted to communicate with his daughter who had passed on. She had experienced a difficult life on Earth. As the reading progressed, I described how I saw her, and to confirm my reading, he showed me a picture of her on his cell phone. She looked exactly as I was seeing her, sitting cross legged - blond long hair. In my reading, I saw the reason why she passed. She had been called upon to help young souls with their transition as they passed. It was a dynamic reading for both of us, and I loved that if this sweet soul had to pass, she was now a Guardian Angel.

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I am an intuitive and give personal psychic readings and blessings. Be aware and prepared for the things that you need to know, and what life has in store for you. Guardian Angels are all around us, learn the information and blessings they have for you. Energy Healings: When we think positive thoughts, we can make changes within ourselves. When we think positive thoughts, we can maintain good health. Health and disease are not just physical states they are controlled by our minds.” Even doctors tell us that our health can be affected by our mind. The subconscious mind is deeper than our conscious mind. Psychic healing is Medicine for the Mind. My healing imagery can be absorbed by your mind it is simply a totally relaxed state of mind and body, which allows positive suggestions to sink into your mind easily and naturally, promoting healing. Hypnosis is just simply natural relaxation, blended with guided imagery. Through hypnosis, we may achieve a comfortable and natural relaxed state while focusing our consciousness on specific thoughts and feelings.

Hypnosis, when applied to create positive results, can change negative thoughts into positive ones thereby promoting a new and more satisfying lifestyle. All hypnosis is self hypnosis, you make the change within yourself. The goal of hypnosis is to provide a scientifically proven method of multi-level relaxation techniques. By inducing a deep state of relaxation through hypnosis, anxiety can be greatly diminished and healing promoted. Choose the goal you'd like to achieve, and together, we can do it!

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