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 Capricorn in Love

by Psychic Sandy

Capricorn in love, well that is an interesting concept to say the least. And the reason I say that is as a rule the Capricorn individual can appear to be very aloof and cold, by nature. So let’s say, that this doesn’t sound all warm and fussy and loving. But actually, I must say, so not to give all Capricorns a bad rap, it just looks that way at first. But there is actually some warm under that cold surface, trust me. They are really just very careful and prudent with the people they allow into their emotional circle and choose to share their affections with. They are very choosy and expect very high standards from the people they choose to love. Granted this can be very daunting for the person that may fall in love with a Capricorn. It is very much like they have created a list of qualities that you must live up to. Now maybe at this point it would be wise for you to think things over a bit, if you are interested in a Capricorn, as this may not be what you want for the long haul. But this is not all bad and not as rough as it sounds, because once the Capricorn individual has let you into their inner circle and they love you, it is an entirely different story. They will be very warm, loving and loyal, and they do not have a wandering eye. Do not be fooled by their reserved and private nature, because eventually as they trust you, you will see the warmer side of them. If they are interested in you and want to start up a relationship, you can be assured it will not be a short term relationship. So if you are looking for someone that will be both loving and loyal, this is the one for you.

One thing I have not mentioned yet about these individuals is their very strong ambitious traits. They will always be reaching for the higher road and the top of the mountain. And they very much don’t want to go there alone and they will want a partner to share it with them. But they don’t want just any partner, they want someone with a keen eye into working with and understanding people They will also want someone as ambitious as them and willing to be their partner on the long climb up the mountain.

As you will not usually find the Capricorn person to be the life of the party, they will be fun and interesting once you get past their reserved shell. Here in comes the issue of compatibility and who best fits with this sign. They will usually be drawn to someone with a mellow nature also. Sometimes they may be attracted to someone with a more robust nature, although these parings don’t always work, as they may be too different in the long run. As a rule it is usually easier and advised that a Capricorn will get along with certain astrological signs more than others. Most other earth signs, Virgo and Taurus would be a good match and very compatible. Also, the signs of Leo and Scorpio will also work well with the Capricorn individual. It is advised that the signs of Libra, Cancer and Aries are not a good match up. So hopefully this has given you some insight into to getting involved and loving a Capricorn person. So get started now and enjoy the adventure.


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40 years of experience.

During a reading, I will use all of my Clairvoyant gifts and natural Psychic abilities, as well as my understanding of Astrology and messages, images and sounds passed to me by my Guides, and any other Energies that are around you or me. I can also use the Tarot Cards if you would like me to, however I only do this rarely, and prefer to work hands free if at all possible. I thoroughly enjoy working with people on their interpersonal Relationships, Business decisions, and Spiritual Growth. I am an Empath, Medium and Clairvoyant who specializes in Soul Mate and Twin Flame Relationships. My objective is to aid you in achieving, at all levels of your life.



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