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Remembering One, Once Again
by Tammy J. Holmes

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Astrology Readings - Astrologers

Gifted Intuitive Astrologer - Specializing in Individual and Relationship Charts
 $2.25 per min. Readings: Subjects: Experience: Astrology:

Call Katy
Ext. 402
Empath & Intuitive

Astrology Readings
Astrology Reports

Tarot Readings

Individual Charts
Relationship and Compatibility Charts

Love Life
Money & Finances
Career & Business
Future Forecasts

I started doing Astrology Charts
in my early 20's.
I had my first Kabala set and Tarot Cards at the age of 8.


and Honest

Sun: Cancer

Rising: Sagittarius

Moon: Gemini

Mercury and Mars
in the Psychic
8th House

I'm an Intuitive Astrologer and Empath. At the age of 8 years old I got my first Kabala set, complete with Tarot Cards. I started studying Astrology when I was a teenager and I kept Reading all the Metaphysical and Astrology Books that I could find. When I was a child I had nightly "visitors" and "guardians" in my room. Some were pleasant and some were not. So at an early age I was intent on trying to understand the metaphysical world.

I've been reading Astrology Charts since my early 20's and studying people's patterns. Some pattern's I grew to recognize immediately and I am still learning all the time. I have 3 planets in the Psychic 8th House, including Mercury - the House of Communication.
I consider myself an honest and sensitive Cancer, but objective and prefer to look at the funnier side of life. I enjoy reading people's individual Astrology charts and looking at Relationship Charts. I can tell you how your planets affect you and your partner.

I believe in Honesty. So, no matter what I read in a Chart, I always will tell you the truth. I have a lot of natural psychic abilities and combine that in my Astrology Readings. If I don't know the answers or if I am uncertain of something, I will tell you.

Astrology Readings are my Favorite. When I do an Astrology Reading for you online, I will send you a complimentary Astrology Report.










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Available Evenings / Daily: After 2pm

Natural Born Psychic Medium Speaks directly to Spirit - Expert in 'Twin Flame' Relationships
$2.25 per min. Readings: Subjects: Experience: Astrology:

 Call Sandy
Ext. 406
Psychic Medium Clairvoyant
Tarot Reader
Spirit Guidance

Soul Mates and
Twin Flames

Career & Prosperity
Business Decisions

Family and Past Lives Health
Spiritual Growth

Sandy is a very compassionate
and a natural born
Psychic Reader
with almost 40 years of experience






Mercury, Mars & Chiron
in Scorpio

When Sandy is given only a person's name during a Reading, Spirit will immediately begin to Channel through important information to you.
Feel free to give a person's name or ask a specific question, for Spirit to give you Fast and Direct Answers. Sandy is an experienced,
natural-born Psychic Medium, as well as an expert Astrologer.

I am a natural Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Clairaudient and a Medium. I use my gifts to direct and guide those who are seeking to make choices for their highest good. I also Channel those spirits from beyond, who wish to communicate with their loved ones on the physical plane.
I will also Channel your own, and others Higher Mind and Spirit Guides. I am a very compassionate natural Psychic Reader with almost
40 years of experience.

During a reading, I will use all of my Clairvoyant gifts and natural Psychic abilities, as well as my understanding of Astrology and messages, images and sounds passed to me by my Guides, and any other Energies that are around you or me. I can also use the Tarot Cards if you would like me to, however I only do this rarely, and prefer to work hands free if at all possible. I thoroughly enjoy working with people on their interpersonal Relationships, Business decisions, and Spiritual Growth. I am an Empath, Medium and Clairvoyant who specializes in Soul Mate and Twin Flame Relationships. My objective is to aid you in achieving, at all levels of your life.



Call for Appointment and Availability

Compassionate and Empathic, Psychic Removes Blockages with Healing Energy & Angel Guides
$2.25 per min. Readings: Subjects: Experience: Astrology:

Call Lauren Ext. 409
Psychic Medium
Trance Channel
Energy Healer

Spiritual Counselor


Astrology Readings
Tarot Readings

Connecting to your Angels
Energy Healing &
Moving Energy
(as I do your reading)

Relationship to The Self

Astrology and Tarot

Empath & Intuitive

I have been using
my gifts professionally
for over 20 years.


Lauren speaks
to you with Truth & Compassion



Capricorn & Sagittarius Cusp
Jupiter & Pluto
in the 8th House

Lauren is a Trance Channel. All of Lauren's Readings are Channeled. Lauren is a Visionary and Intuitive Reader with the ability to Tap into the
Other side, so that you may speak and hear from your Loved Ones, and your Beloved Pets who have Crossed over.

I am a Psychic and Medium, Spiritual Counselor, and an Energy Healer to Move the "Blocked Energy" or "Energies" in Your Life. I speak with
Truth with Compassion.

I am connected to the Upper Realms. Dr. Dillon is my Angel, and Dr. Dillon will give you Guidance and Direction to help serve you in your journey
of life.

When I returned to this earth plane my favorite question was "Why and How come?" I would "know things" and see Spirits, from an early age.
I had my pretend friends, and today they are my reality. There was never a sense of belonging anywhere. I was always different from the rest.
Through my journey of life, I earned my gifts. I was not able to use my gifts until I experienced my own journey.
Creator doesn't say "here are your gifts, go use them. I had to experience the school of hard knocks. No one can judge another. When you have walked in their shoes, can you gain true understanding and compassion.

My sessions are "All About You!" Being Empathic, I feel what you feel: You cry, I cry ... You laugh, I laugh. Consider me your personal "Conduit to the Divine Realms - where True Understanding and Solutions come from. There are always solutions for you, and always assistance & information from the Divine Realms. I add Energy Healing to help "Shift Energy" to support your New Changes and to "Forward motion!"
There is indescribable Joy - seeing my clients "Light Up" with a New found Inspiration & Strength!”

I returned to this earth plane gifted.I had my pretend friends when I little girl. Today they are my reality. From a school of hard knocks to a student of life, I always thought it was a normal way of life.



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