January Forecast 2017 - Capricorn / Saturn - by Sandy

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January Forecast 2017 

Capricorn / Saturn

by Psychic Sandy

Capricorn's ruling planet is Saturn, and therein lays the mystery of this sign. For in the world of astrology Saturn is known as "the tester", in that its main job and purpose is to push the individual to do their best in all that they do in life. Be that in the areas of love, work and family. Saturn's actual goal is "perfection", and since none of us can ever be perfect, this can be a challenging role for a Capricorn to achieve. Sometimes on the road to this perfection, Capricorn people can encounter many setbacks, through delay, sorrow, disappointment and limitation. Yet through this continual testing, a person will ultimately reach a point of patience, wisdom, humility and compassion. Saturn/Capricorn also being known as "the lord of karma" can carry an awful heavy load sometimes. But, not to worry, because through this constant "testing", the Capricorn individual will be able to face the world, with and unusual strength, forbearance, diplomacy, respect and endurance, in a manner, that only a Capricorn can.

The sun is in Capricorn from December 21st to January 21st, approximately. It rules the tenth house in astrology, which has everything to do with what a person attains, in the material world. Be it status, prestige, honor, and/or success in the eye of the public. Anything a person does in the tenth house, the entire world is privy to, so therefore it is important for the Capricorn person to keep things close to their vest. Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign and feminine in nature, it also represents the mountain goat, climbing toward the heights, solitary and alone.” The Keyword for this sign is "I use", and Capricorn also rules the bones, skin and knees in the physical body. So often times they will have issues with their knees, when they are not being flexible enough in their lives. Over a period of time if they learn these valuable life lessons they will be more at ease and much happier.

The Capricorn person likes to reach the top of whatever mountain they may set their mind to. And we all know that that may be a very lonely place to be at the top. What is important for the Capricorn individual is to learn balance between of their personal traits and their goals. They must not ever allow one to be more important in their life than the other. Because when they do this they will lose track of all of their goals and will never achieve them in the manner they would like too. In a manner that is for their highest good. In essence that Capricorn individual is a very interesting person to deal with and you will never be sorry that you have had them in your life.


Mary Tyler Moore, Eartha Kitt, Dolly Parton, Shirley Bassey, Kate Middleton, Michelle Obama, Susan Lucci, Sissy Spacek, Debbie Allen, Annie Lennox, Ava Gardner, Kim Coles, Betty White, Sade, Amanda Peet, Diane Keaton, Faye Dunaway, Amerie, Dyan Cannon, Janis Joplin, Shonda Rhimes, Amanda Peet, Joan Baez, Mary J. Blige, Sienna Miller and Kate Moss.


Howard Hughes, Martin Luther King, Kevin Costner, Denzel Washington, Anthony Hopkins, Val Kilmer, Jim Carrey, Nicolas Cage, James Earl Jones, Mel Gibson, David Bowie, Nostradamas, Morris Chestnut, Elvis Presley, Kid Rock, Richard Nixon, LL Cool J, Kevin Costner, Gary Grant, Orlando Bloom, Jude Law, George Foreman, Cuba Gooding Jr., Andy Kaufman, Anthony Hopkins and Ben Kingsley.



Hello Capricorn, and welcome to the month of January, This will be a very good month for all of you Capricorns. You will find that this month moves along for you with much ease. I you will welcome this peace and order with welcome arms. It has been several months since your life has moved along on a balanced level, so this is a good month for it to start. You will find that your business projects will move along with much ease and you will be feeling less worried about things than you have in the past. Also, you will have the ability this month to just "go with the flow" and you will find this attitude works for you. Financially, this will be very steady month for you. In the area of love and romance, don't make any major changes.


Hello Aquarius, and welcome to the month of January. This month you may be met with more challenges than you had hoped for. Now not all of them will be of a negative nature, they will just be testing your patience overall. The most important thing for you to do this month is taking "one day at a time". which ought be easy for you to do. If you go into this month with the attitude that you can handle anything that comes your way, then you will be able to do so. You know full well how to detach yourself from things and this is the perfect month to do so, financially, this month will be pretty steady, without any major changes. In the area of love and romance, don't get too serious about anything.


Hello Pisces, and welcome to the month of January. This will be a very interesting month for you and it will move along fairly easily as long as you approach it in a calm manner. As a rule you usually approach your issues in a calm manner, but not always. And when you do approach your issues in a stressed manner it's not good for you or anyone else. This month for you is all about you taking things as they come and not getting upset about anything, if you can approach the month in this manner it will run smoothly. Financially, your monies will not make any major changes. In the area of love and romance, don't be surprised if you meet someone new.


Hello Aries, and welcome to the month of January. This month will be all about you being patient and working through some major issues. This will actually be a growth month for you and as usual, they can be so much fun, not. A learning month can be somewhat stressful and demanding, but if you can approach it in a calm manner it will be easier to handle. Maybe meditate, chant or pray, or actually all three of them. This will help you approach January with more ease and you will feel much happier. Financially, this will be a very good month for you. In the area of love and romance, don't make any major changes.


Hello Taurus, and welcome to the month of January. This will be a very good month for you. There will be many new opportunities coming your way. And it would be wise for you to take your time and consider all of these opportunities separately. If you approach it in this manner you will not get overwhelmed by the choices you make. If you choose to just quickly move through these choices and opportunities, you will not get the full advantage of your choices. As a rule you like to make quick decisions and this is not the month to do so. Financially, this may be a very good month for you, so enjoy it. In the area of love and romance, just take your time and don't make any quick decisions.


Hello Gemini, and welcome to the month of January. The month of January will be every enjoyable month for you. You will be surprised at how easy this month flows along for you. Life is not always that easy for you and sometimes you have more on your shoulders than you think you can carry. But now, that is not entirely true, you are a very strong person with a real strong intuition, so often you can see what's going to happen before it happens. Because of this trait it can be quite a saving grace for you when things get to difficult. And you will be working overtime in this area during January. Financially, your monies may see a slight improvement. In the area of love and romance, enjoy the one you are with.


Hello Cancer, and welcome to the month of January. You may be met with some challenges this month that you would rather not want to deal with. But actually this is the month to get down and get busy taking care or some issues you have been trying to ignore. The reason this month is a good time to deal with these issues is because of the planets and their aspects. So take this time as an extra boast of help from the Universe. Oh and how lucky you are to have this extra help at this time, so go for it and you will see you made the correct choice. Financially, this will be a very positive and good month for you. In the area of love and romance you may meet a new love.


Hello Leo, and welcome to the month of January. This may be a very good month for you. And you are in the mood to take on new projects and just start anew. And you could not have picked a better month to do so. At this time you are extremely keyed into what you want to do with yourself and what direction you are heading in for 2017. For you, it is just a matter of getting everything sorted out and acting on it accordingly. This is not a time to pause or over think what you are doing. If you do that now you will just be holding up the positive changes you need to make at this time. So just go ahead and "do it". Financially, this will be a good month for you. In the area of love and romance, you may be pleasantly surprised.


Hello Virgo, and welcome to the month of January. This month ought to run fairly smooth for you. You have a very strong intuition and if you take the time to listen to it this month you will have a smooth running January. Many of the issues and projects you are working on this month will move along and manifest with much ease. The key here is to just relax and "go with the flow". Which ought not to be that difficult for you at this present time. So look at this month ahead and know that everything is working on your behalf and be grateful it is. Financially, this will also be a very good month for you. In the area of love and romance enjoy yourself.


Hello Libra, and welcome to the month of January. This will be a very interesting month for you. You will be a bit surprised at how the month unfolds for you. January will definitely be month of "new beginnings" for you, so just "go with the flow". And January will be very good to you. You really feel like 2017 is time for you to get all of your things in order. And actually January will be the beginning of you doing just that. You must remember that when you are rebuilding, you can only lay one brick at a time. This is not a time to hurry along on any of your projects. Financially, this will be a very good month for you. In the area of love and romance, just relax and know that "all things come to those who wait".


Hello Scorpio, and welcome to the month of January. January will be a very positive month for you. You will actually be a bit surprised at how easily everything moves along for you this month. It is very important that you remain relaxed no mater what crosses your path in January. That ought not to be very difficult at doing that as it comes as second nature to you. There maybe some ups and downs this month. But the key here for you is the nature in which you handle all of the ups and downs. Which you will do very well, actually way better than you may have thought you would. Financially, this month may be a bit up and down, but there's nothing to worry about. In the area of love and romance, this is a time to take a break from affairs of the heart.


Hello Sagittarius, and welcome to the month of January. You will find that much of this month will be filled with ease for you. In the beginning of the month you may have some family issues that you will have to deal with, but that won't last the entire month. In the area of work and career you will see some changes. There may be a promotion or a change in your job status. All of this change in regard to your job will be positive in nature. Financially, things will go smoothly. In the area of love and romance just relax and allow love to happen.

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